Home Technology


Simply taking control of your complex future...

With Home Technology (AKA Home Automation) you can integrate all the systems in your house and take control of them simply from any location.

Systems that can be integrated

  • Electrical (Lights, outlets, and appliances)
  • Environmental (Heating, A/C, Humidifier)
  • Communications (Telephones, mobile phones, intercoms, two-way radios)
  • Entertainment (In-home Stereo, Theatre, Cable, Satellite)
  • Security
  • Computer (In-home networks, World Wide Web, Internet)

Why upgrade your Home with Technology?

  • Increase Home Value

Installing systems that provide savings, security, convenience, and entertainment will increase your home’s value
  • Save Money

Controlling Lights, Heating & A/C, and appliances more efficiently will minimize energy costs

  • Increase Security

Install a security system or improve control of an existing one, install intercoms and sensors to let you know when someone is coming and let you communicate with them safely

  • More Convenience

Controlling Lights, appliances, & systems remotely and automatically

  • Entertainment

Install whole-house audio/video systems and home theaters in new or existing homes

What if...

While you’re at the restaurant, you could call your house and have it close your garage door and turn off your stove and the iron and hair curlers?

After getting ready for bed, you could simply touch one button on your nightstand and your security system is armed, the lights inside are turned off, the lights outside are turned on, the temperature is adjusted and soft music is turned on to lull you to sleep?

And when you get up in the morning you touch another button and the process is undone?

Home Technology can do this... And More!!