About NLC & Ted Simmons

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A little about New Life Computers:

New Life Computers is a small business in Fort Collins, Colorado, started in 1999 by Ted Simmons.  

Since the I have a strong interest in Home Building and Agriculture, I have focused the business primarily in these two areas.

A little about the owner (Ted Simmons):

I am the owner and only employee. I have extensive experience in network administration spanning almost 12 years and a life-long association with agriculture. 

I was born and raised on my family's beef cattle (cow-calf) ranch near Valentine, Nebraska.  I graduated from Valentine Rural High School in 1983, and then moved to Colorado Springs to attend the U.S. Air Force Academy.

After graduating from USAFA in 1987, I spent 10 1/2 years in the Air Force as a computer system administrator.  During my Air Force years, I completed my MBA with a concentration in Marketing at Wright State University. Along with gaining valuable computer experience I also worked on several construction projects as a home improvement contractor and member of my church's building committee.

After leaving the Air Force, I spent a little over a year as a beef cattle rancher with two of my brothers on the family ranch. I started New Life Computers while I was ranching.  

I decided to focus solely on my computer business, and since my wife and I have always loved Colorado, we relocated to Fort Collins and opened shop.

My Resume:


  • Managed personnel and operations of a beef cattle ranch

  • Performed business computer systems analysis including researching options, advising senior managers and budget planners, and managing implementation of multi-platform systems  

  • Managed a home improvement company with two partners

  • Led a 7-person team of software engineers  

  • Participated in the planning and construction of a 7500 square foot church building addition, specifically overseeing the electrical and HVAC systems

  • Supervised the development of over 15 development projects

  • Administered  multi-platform networks including Windows (3.x, 95,& NT) , UNIX, Macintosh (Appletalk), Novell, and VAX/VMS systems

  • Designed and implemented security procedures and standards for sensitive Air Force networks

  • Developed applications using Microsoft Access, C, FoxPro, and Visual Basic

  • Published several World Wide Web (WWW) pages


  • “Quality Air Force” courses, including: Team Building & Effective Leadership

  • Air Force initial leadership course, Squadron Officer School

  • Windows, Windows 95, Novell Netware, and WWW programming

  • Software Systems Engineering

  • Full range of DEC System and Network administration courses


  • BS - Computer Science,
  • MBA (Marketing Concentration),
United States Air Force Academy, CO
Wright State University, OH


  • Self employed
  • Rancher & computer consultant, Valentine, NE
  • United States Air Force Officer
  • Senior Management Advisor and System Administrator, WPAFB, OH
  • Chief of Software Engineering, Offutt AFB, NE
  • Software Engineer, Offutt AFB, NE 
  • VAX System/Network Manager, WPAFB, OH
1997 - 1998
1995 - 1997

1992 - 1995
1991 - 1992  
1987 - 1991


  • Clearable at the Top Secret level of  military security access

  • Thrive on home improvement projects

  • Thoroughly enjoy athletics

  • Active in church - especially in men’s ministry and youth activities